We believe, success can be measured not only in money made but also in the goodness generated. We believe that giving exceptional guest service can also serve the common good. We are united in this philanthropic effort with your support and shared beliefs--the belief in wholesome goodness, honesty, environmental relief, and humanity.

Wholesome goodness starts with the highest quality hair care products made with organic and wild-crafted ingredients sourced by supporting global indigenous communities, hand selected for their healing properties. Wholesome goodness continues with our superior guest services that will radiate your very inner beauty and emanate positivity for a healthier outlook, mind, and soul.

Honesty comes from the integrity of the services we provide to the relationship with our guests, employees, and partners. We treat everyone with honesty, equality, and respect. We are pioneers in the salon industry and we believe in taking care of our employees, offering them healthcare, dental, contributed retirement opportunities, paid advance education, and continuous career advancement.

topless female model with long hair

l'anza model with long silver hair covering one eye

Environmental sustainability is a priority for us. We strive not to just reduce our footprint, but to leave the planet better than how we found it. From using only all recycled materials to donating 10% of hair care product revenue to improving the local environment to being completely powered by renewable energy credits. Our proactive environmental relief practices and support are superior in the salon industry.

A humanitarian promise, a dedication to those dedicated to helping themselves to improving the lives of those within our community and the world. Which is why we donate 10% of our profits from guest service to humanitarian causes and our employees are encouraged to donate 5% of their work time to volunteer with our partnering non-profit organizations.